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Here are some thoughts from our patients

  • “I found a magazine article about acupuncture as I was sitting at a waiting room of the fertility clinic. According to the article, some study shows that people who received fertility treatment along with acupuncture have better chance of getting pregnant. After 6 months of unsuccessful treatment, this article gave me hope. So I took a break from the fertility treatment, and switched to the naturopathic treatment. Through her naturopathic treatment, I have received detox, nutrition assessment, natural supplement, holistic medicine, acupuncture. After three months of these treatment, my period cycle was corrected, and overall my physical condition was far better than pre naturopathic treatment. I went back to the fertility treatment and received insemination (IUI). This time I got pregnant at the very first treatment!! I did not have to try In Vitro (IVF). Without help from Mimi, we could not have our beautiful daughter. Thank you, Mimi!!!”
    ​BY M. N
  • ​“I first met Mimi when I was going to the community clinic at AIMC (Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College) at Berkeley and she was a student there at the time. I was struggling with a severe knee problem for about two years among with other symptoms when I decided to give AIMC a try. I tried a couple of different students, and all of them were remarkable, but Mimi was different from them from the very beginning. Mimi was the only one who taught of listening to my other symptoms and suggesting that they are all linked. Turns out they were! I had seen dozens of doctors before I worked with Mimi, and I had been abandoned my many doctors who told me that they cannot help me. Mimi had a different attitude. She was always confident that we’d figure a way out and that’s exactly what you want from your care taker – someone who does not give up even when you are too exhausted and desperate to continue. Mimi is extremely smart, competent, gentle, genuine and patient. Her acupuncture and Qi Gong treatments combined with her vast knowledge in nutrition (even though I don’t like it when she tells me I can’t have chocolate) got me on my feet again. She wants the best for her patients and I highly recommend her to anyone.”
    by dilara m,​
  • Albert and Mimi are amazing. I've been going to Albert throughout my last trimester of pregnancy for full body work. Low back pain, hip pain, tight quads, adductors and hip flexors, neck and shoulder pain from sleeping on my side, headache, swollen feet and hands, you name it. They have this fantastic prone pregnancy pillow (a dense but soft foam pillow with cut outs for your belly and breasts, allowing you to lie face down while super pregnant). I've gotten several prenatal massages throughout the city and there is only one other very expensive spa that I've found to have this pillow. It is just worlds better than lying on your side! But more importantly, Albert is fantastic. I am a physical therapist and so I'm pretty picky about my massages and body work. And Albert uses a host of techniques to really target the tight and painful areas (swedish, deep tissue, myofacial release, cranial sacral, acupressure, etc). Because I come for a massage at least once week, he was kind enough to give me a deal as well. I first saw Mimi for a raging pregnancy migraine that she was able to help with (complete torture without being able to take migraine meds!) and if I'm still preggo next week I'll be going in for some labor stimulating points to help jump start the eviction process of my first born. =P Thanks Albert and Mimi! You've made this last trimester tolerable! I sing your praises.

    BY DR. C.B , dpt​